Who Is Zeus Related To?

Who Are Zeus’s Parents?

Zeus is the king of the cosmos and the ruler of the Olympian Gods, but he was not always in this position. Even Zeus, as incredible as he is, has parents just like everyone else.

Zeus’s father is Cronus. Cronus was the king of the gods before Zeus and ruled over what is known as the Golden Age, it was a time of prosperity and men lived a very long time and were similar in some ways to the gods.

Zeus’s mother is Rhea. Rhea is a goddess of fertility and motherhood who is Cronus’s older sister, but these types of unions were common among the gods. Rhea is known to be very strong and wrestlers in Antiquity held her in high regard.

Unfortunately, Cronus was not a very good father. Cronus became paranoid of his own children after hearing a prophecy that one of his own children would overthrow him, and so he swallowed each of them after they were born.

Rhea became distraught over the loss of her children, and so she planned with Gaea to save the youngest son, Zeus. Rhea exchanged Zeus for a rock created by Gaea and Cronus was fooled into eating the rock.

Rhea then left Zeus on the island of Crete to be raised until he would finally grow up and return. Zeus, now grown, rescued his siblings and then waged a war against his father that he won.

For losing the war, Cronus and the Titans that sided with him were banished to Tartarus by Zeus where they are to remain trapped in their adamantine bonds forever. As for Rhea, she still lives in the Heavens and sometimes Zeus comes to her for advice or help when he is not sure how to solve a problem.

Are Zeus And Hera Related?

Zeus and Hera at Austria Parliament Building, Vienna.

Hera is also a child of Cronus and Rhea, and this would make her one of Zeus’s older sisters. Hera, like Zeus, is a god and she is the goddess of women, marriage, and childbirth. She has a relation to practically all aspects of women and how women fit into the family.

Hera is also the wife of Zeus, which makes her the queen of the gods and a member of the twelve Olympians. This is in a similar manner to how their mother, Rhea, was the queen of the gods and married to her younger brother who was the king of the gods, their father Cronus.

Are Zeus And Poseidon Brothers?

Greek God Poseidon And His Trident Statue On Stock Exchange Building In St. Petersburg, Russia

Poseidon is second eldest son of Cronus and Rhea, which makes him one of Zeus’s older brothers. Poseidon was born to the two Titan rulers and then subsequently devoured by Cronus as part of his paranoia over the prophecy.

Poseidon is a god, like his other siblings, and he is the god who reigns over the seas. After the Titanomachy had finished, the three sons of Cronus took the three realms and drew lots to see who would rule which realm. Poseidon’s lot decided that he would be the ruler of the waters.

Poseidon is one of the Olympian Gods along with Zeus, Hera, and others. However, Poseidon does run his own kingdom in the seas so he is not always in Heaven unless need be. Being the ruler of the waters does make him very powerful in his own right in many ways.

Are Zeus And Hades Brothers?

Hades is the eldest son of Cronus and Rhea, which means that he was the other older brother of Zeus and also an older brother to Poseidon. However, Hades is not seen as an Olympian God like either of his brothers or any of his sisters because he rules a place far from the Heavens.

Hades rules the underworld, which he is the god of. Hades is also the god of death and is known by another name, Pluton, that tells of him to be a god of wealth. Hades drew lots with Zeus and Poseidon to decide what realm they would go to, and the lot that Hades drew made him the ruler of the underworld realm.

Zeus and Hades seem like they can get along as brothers. Zeus went out of his way to help Hades get Persephone as his consort, knowing that Demeter would not approve.

Are Zeus And Demeter Related?

Demeter the ancient Greek goddess of harvest

Demeter is one of the daughters of Cronus and Rhea, making her an older sister to Zeus. Demeter is, like her other siblings, a goddess. Demeter is among the twelve Olympians.

Demeter is the goddess of grain and agriculture. She wields a sickle, much like their father Cronus used to because he was a harvest related god as well. Demeter is so powerful that she can control whether or not the earth produces anything at all.

Demeter and Zeus produced a daughter named Persephone, and Demeter tried to keep her hidden from the world. However, Zeus gave Hades permission to consort her and so the god of the underworld kidnapped her.

Demeter became so distraught that for some time she forbade the Earth from growing anything. However, Zeus did finally relent and allow her daughter to return to her except her daughter can only stay with her for part of the year because she ate pomegranate seeds from the underworld and that means she has to spend at least a third of the year down there.

Are Zeus And Hestia Related?

Hestia is the eldest child, and eldest daughter, of Cronus and Rhea which makes her Zeus’s oldest sibling and oldest sister. Hestia was the first to be devoured by Cronus and Rhea. Hestia, like her siblings, is a goddess.

Hestia is the goddess of the hearth and the home. She is related to warmth, the family, and to fire. Hestia is also an eternal maiden, although at one time Apollo and Poseidon were competing to become suitors for her.

Zeus gave Hestia great honor for choosing this lifestyle, and so he gave Hestia the responsibility of being allowed to preside over all sacrifices. Hestia is a very respected and kind deity and offers protection to many. Hestia is sometimes considered an Olympian but sometimes is replaced by Dionysus on lists.

Who’s Zeus’s Daughter?

Zeus actually has quite a lot of children, including a very long list of daughters. Here are some of his famous daughters.

With his wife, Hera, Zeus had a daughter named Hebe. Hebe is the goddess of youth and represented the prime of life. Hebe was very coveted by many men, giants, and other gods, and she ends up with Heracles after he becomes a deity himself.

With the Titaness named Leto, Zeus had twins: a boy and a girl. The girl was named Artemis and Artemis would become the goddess of the hunt, the wild, the animals, chastity, and the Moon. Artemis, being chaste, has no consort or spouse, though at one time she was in love with Orion. Artemis is one of the twelve Olympians.

With the Titaness named Metis, who was Zeus’s first lover ever, Zeus produced Athena. Athena was born by special means because Zeus swallowed her mother while she was pregnant due to paranoia over a prophecy against him.

Athena ended up coming out of Zeus’s forehead, and thus became a goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and warfare. Athena took no spouses and had no children of her own, though she adopted the hero Erichthonius of Athens. She is one of the twelve Olympians.

With his another sister of his named Demeter, Zeus had the child Persephone. Persephone is the goddess of spring and queen of the underworld, she also has relations to life, death, grain, and destruction. Her name even means to bring death.

In some versions of her birth, Aphrodite is said to be the daughter of Zeus and Dione. However, most traditions hold that Aphrodite was created by sea foam produced when Uranus’s genitals fell into the ocean following his castration. Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, passion, pleasure, lust, sex, and love and she is one of the twelve Olympians.

Who’s Zeus’s Son?

Zeus has many sons, just as he has many daughters. Here are some of his famous sons.

Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera, and he is the god of courage and war. Ares’s aspects to war are physical valor, sheer brutality, and a lust for blood that contrasts with his sister, Athena, who stands for strategy and wisdom.

Ares has sexual encounters with Aphrodite often, but they are not consorts. Ares is one of the twelve Olympians.

Hephaestus is the son of Zeus and Hera, and he is the god of the forge, fire, a variety of artisans, and the volcanoes. Due to being born mentally impaired, Hephaestus was thrown off of Olympus by his mother which caused him to become physically impaired as well.

Hephaestus eventually returned to the Heavens and became one of the twelve Olympians. Hephaestus’s spouse is Aphrodite but they have never actually produced any children together.

Apollo is the son of Zeus and the Titaness Leto, and the twin brother of Artemis. Apollo is the god of the Sun, archery, music, dance, truth, prophecy, healing, medicine, diseases, light, poetry, and quite a lot more.

Apollo is a very busy god with quite a lot of responsibilities. He even drives the sun chariot since Helios retired after the death of his son, Phaeton.

Apollo is one of the twelve Olympians and has had a lot of children though he has no official wife.

Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia (the daughter of the Titan Atlas), and he is the herald of the gods. Hermes is the patron to messengers, travelers, thieves, merchants, orators, and shepherds. Hermes, like Apollo, is also a very busy god.

Hermes also plays the role of psychopomp in the Greek religion, meaning he takes souls to the underworld. In addition to conducting souls, Hermes also conducts dreams.

Hermes is one of the twelve Olympians. He has multiple children but no official spouse.

Dionysus is the son of Zeus and Semele, although originally he was Zagreus and was the son of Zeus and Persephone. Because of his two births, he is known as the twice born.

Dionysus is the god of grape harvests, wine and winemaking, theatre, festivals, ecstasy (including religious ecstasy), madness (including ritual madness), vegetation, fruit, orchards, and fertility. Dionysus is quite powerful, able to fight Hades and win and get past Cerberus with just a bit of help from Heracles. Dionysus is among the twelve Olympians and his consort is Princess Ariadne of Crete.

Heracles is the son of Zeus and a mortal woman named Alcmene, which means he is a demigod. Or rather, was, because Heracles eventually does become a god himself.

Heracles performed twelve labors that were far beyond the capability of any man, showing his great strength that could rival the strength of even some deities. Heracles was even able to hold the world on his shoulders just like Atlas, who is literally the Titan of Strength.

After becoming a god, Heracles took his place in heaven as the protector of man and patron of gyms. He went through several spouses while a mortal, but up in the Heavens his consort is the goddess Hebe.

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